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The 2013 team made some incredible strides over the course of the season, not losing a single game after May 4th, to finish the season 41-5.  The team went on to win States, the St. Johnsburry Invitational, and New Englands.  Led by a fantastic group of seniors who demonstrated tremendous chemistry, the 2013 team left huge shoes to fill. 

The 2011 team is missing an awful lot of last year's roster, but plenty of kids showed up to fill those slots.  With 60 kids signed up to tryout this year, there was a plethora of competition.  With A and B teams decided, the 2011 team is young and enthusiastic.  We have lots of new talent hoping to showcase their skills in this season's 40+ game schedule!  The team has qualified for Easterns again this year and will be representing CT down in Philadelphia, PA this year.

Ultimate Frisbee 2010 Team Gets National Recognition!

The 2010 team took strides towards becoming an even more dominant program, officially establishing a larger program with full "A" and "B" varsity members.  With incredible numbers trying out for the team, MHS was bolstered with new talent, taking them all the way to Eastern National Championships in Buffalo, NY.  The team finished 7th overall, and followed up the next weekend winning the 32 team St. Johnsbury Invite tournament in VT.  The team ended up 35-6 and won national respect being highlighted in USA Ultimate's monthly magazine and on their website. 

It's a nice day for disc!  Check out the weather report: Click Here

The 2009 team had the best season in program history.  Finishing top ten in the country, defending the title of New England Champions, and only losing one game all season made for an exciting year.  There were all sorts of records set on personal levels in defensive turns, assists, and goals, all contributing to the teams success. 

The 2008 team was NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONS!  Ending the year in picturesque style, the Firestarters defeated rivals Chase Collegiate in the Finals of the New England Championship Tournament.  The team ended up ranked 30th in the country with ranks as high as 10th nationally during the season. 

The 2007 team has qualified for EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS.  Easterns is the best 16 teams east of the Mississippi River, and will be played this year in Lebanon, Ohio May 19th and 20th. 

The 2006 season was an overwhelming success finishing top two in the state and then moving on to finish 2nd in the New England's competition at Fort Devens, MA, losing only to Amhearst. 

Help Ultimate raise money for transportation this year!  We are going to need volunteers at every home game this season.  At each game we'll be running a concession stand.  We'll need people bring baked goods, fruit, bagels, and drinks to sell at each.  We will also require someone to run the concession stand and make sales.  Unfortunately, our program is only partially funded by the school leaving the fundraising up to us.  This year we need to raise $3500 in order to cover the cost of transportation and our trip to New Englands.  This can only be accomplished through the concerted efforts of the entire team.  We will be distributing a program at each game which will include advertisements and messages that have been paid for as a means of fundraising.  Each athlete needs to raise $50 in order for us to meet our goal!

4/9/11 - Peformer of the week after our first week of competition goes to DYLAN LaVOIE.  Dylan has proven to stepped up as a handler and has become quite consistent in his throws.  He's proven to have mastered the floating huck which will be a critical piece to our deep game.

4/2/11 - The first Performer of the Week award goes to NATHEN ROY.  Picking up skills quickly, and coming into the season with tremendous endurance, Nathen promises to be a rising star on this year's team.

5/9/09 - Despite State's being postponed until next week, this was a big week for Middletown Ultimate.  The varsity took on the top ranked team, Hotchkiss, in a head to head match.  Leading that charge was the excellent handling of ALEX WETHERELL, who shredded the Hotchkiss zone with repeated hammers and hucks for big gains, resulting in a 15-12 victory!  The JV also beat the Hotchkiss JV by a score of 15-3!

5/2/09 - Posting big wins over Marionapolis B and Xavier JV, the JV team has started a winning streak!  PALMER WHITEHEAD has been helping lead that charge as one of the dominant handlers on the team.  Palmer's throws and decision making continue to improve as the season progresses, and so does the JV's record!

4/25/09 - We had an incredible end to the week with spectacular play at the Middletown Invitational, beating Chase, Columbia B, Xavier, Ridgefield, and John Jay to bring home the Champion's hardware.  A big part of that success can be attributed to TIM MESKILL who played huge making repeated deep cuts for scores.  Tim's timing on his continuation cuts has become a major threat and will continue to help us all season.

4/19/09 - Attendence was plagued during April Vacation, as we continued to practice 8-10 am each day.  Although there was beautiful weather, both Varsity and JV had a hard time putting together full lines to learn the new zones and plays planned for the week.  GARRETT SANTI however, attended every practice and made big strides in his personal game.  Few people work as hard, are as enthusiastic, and enjoy the game as much as Garrett!

4/11/09 - As a long week of practices ended with a JV game against The Master's School, many big steps of progress were evident.  The JV made some major improvements, scoring 5 more points against Master's Varsity squad then the week prior.  Leading that charge was DIEGO LATORRE who accounted for many of the goals, assists, and D's!  Diego has become a clear leader on the squad.

4/4/09 - Finishing out the week with a great tournament at The Master's School, the Middletown Firestarters were 5-0 with the help of JON ALDIERI.  Jon posted an impressive array of stats including 8 goals, 6 assists, and 6 defensive turns.  Jon will be critical to our success this season as his hard work continues to pay off.

3/27/09 - After a long week of tryouts, we had a number of focused and hard working individuals.  One particular stand out was SAL MARINO who has joined the team as a junior.  Sal came to the program with a strong throwing skill set, and a good attitude.  We hope to watch him develop as a dominant handler.

6/2/08 - Ending the season with a New England Championship title, it is hard to pick just one Performer of the Week.  Everyone came together for an incredible day of disc in Falmouth, ME.  However, particularly impressive was BRONSON VAJDA, who upped his game play tremendously.  Executing cuts magnificently on offense and holding it down on D, Bronson helped the Firestarters dominate early in the tournament.

5/25/08 - Performing like some sort of beast in the backfield, RIDGE WELLS was this week's performer of the week.  Dominating the field both defensively and offensively on an almost savage JV line at the Highlander Classic hosted by Chase, Ridge helped the JV with 17 D's and a host of goals to top that off. 

5/18/08 - Without many games this week we had to really focus on our skills in practice.  MARK ADAMIAK really nailed down his throws this week.  He smoothed out his back hands and cleaned up his flick and has really stepped up as a handler on the junior varsity squad.  We look to this young man to be a dominant handler in the future.

5/11/08 - It was an exciting week, culiminating with tremendous play at States.  Both varsity and junior varsity really stepped up and performed well.  Among those who came to play were JACOB MONAHAN.  Jake has come a really long way from the beginning of the year to establish himself as a dependable player on the field. 

5/4/08 - Although it wasn't the best practice week for Middletown, between the rain, and inconsistent practice field space, there were some people who pushed themselves.  We had a successful JV game against Marionapolis in which JV went on a 6 point run to bring the game within 2.  At this game, DAN MCALEAR showed his stuff, making a number of impressive cuts and running hard.  Dan has come a long way this season and has a great deal of potential in this sport!

4/26/08 - What a fantastic end to a great week for Middletown winning its own Middletown Invitational!  After not having great numbers due to band, family, and other commitments the week of April Vacation, the prospectus on the productivity of the week looked dismal.  Boy were we off base!  Among the 15 or so regulars this week LEVIN VESTERGAARD stood out as making tremendous gains.  Despite having a big mouth, Levin worked very hard in practice, assisted everyday in cleaning up the fields, improved his decision making on the field, and made some important gains this week.

4/19/08 - It was a good week for Middletown Ultimate as the varsity beat Marionapolis 15-1.  We had a good week of practice as well, perfecting our offensive sets, getting in the weight room, and finishing up week four of Air Raid.  This week RICHARD PERRY stepped up big joining the Varsity squad.  With continued consistency and exposure to the sport, Richard should prove to be quite an asset this season.

4/12/08 - After an amazing week of both individual match ups and the Master's Tournament, we saw a lot of competition.  Saturday was particularly rough for both the JV and Varsity teams as we were low on subs on both squads.  Nonetheless, both teams did very well for themselves, particularly the varsity, despite only having one sub.  Standing out as a man of consistency and dependibility was RYNE GERVAIS, who is this week's Performer of the Week.  Ryne had a rediculous layout in the endzone to get us to half against Hotchkiss!

4/5/08 - We had our first games this week and a few days where we actually got to play outside.  Some people really stepped up as the competition presented itself, both in scrimages and in the games.  However, one of our stand outs at the Miss Porters game was this week's Performer of the Week, JUSTIN LINARES.  Justin had the trifecta stats with D's, Assists, and Goals. 

3/29/08 - We had another week of cold weather, and therefore a lot of running.  However, we still had some stand outs who continued to push themselves both on the field, and on the road.  This week's peformer of the week was JON ALDIERI!  Jon has already established himself as one of our leading cutters on the team, taking initiative on the field, and always being in the right place.  He is one of our up and coming stars.

3/22/08 - After a gruelling week of tryouts, a few people really impressed the coaching staff. Some of our veterans came back much improved over last season.  At the forefront of that group was ALEX WETHERALL, who led the team in a number of test sets and drills this past week.  Alex has been promoted to the Varsity team this year and looks to be a promising handler.

5/20/07 - It was a wild weekend at Easterns out in Ohio!  Between the 15 hour bus ride, a mere 3 hours of sleep, a shady hotel, and a hot summer day against the top 16 teams east of the Mississippi; it was time to "separate the men from the boys!"  MATT FILLION demonstrated why he was chosen by the team to be one of our captains.  He played the majority of the points all weekend long while establishing himself as a dominant force both defensively and offensively.  Matt chased the disc in the cup all weekend long, made layout bids, and hucked a few scores in the endzone, helping demonstrate why Middletown earned a slot in Ohio.

5/13 - This was a week of many absenses and distractions, yet some players continued to show progress.  Jumping way out ahead of the pack in the improvement field was TRAVIS CLARK!  Travis demonstrated all that he learned this weekend looking very strong in the game against Xavier as well as leading the Middletown B team both defensively and offensively.  Travis came a long way this weekend an earned himself a spot on the official Easterns roster!

5/6 - It was a long faught weekend of carwashing, ice skating, and playing 7 games in one day at Amity.  Despite the long list of activities that weekend CASE GARNER stepped up big time and dominated both the defensive and offensive lines.  Case had a number of key defensive efforts that pushed Middletown to a 5-2 record that day.  Well done!

4/29 - Usually player of the week is voted on by the team captain, but this week was an executive decision.  Throughout the season this individual has shown tremendous leadership, is an essential piece to our team success, and has an outstanding understanding of the game as a whole.  His amazing willingness to layout and sacrifice his body for the sake of the game impresses people every time he plays.  This week we will recognize BOBBY MESKILL!

4/21 - This week a number of people stepped up, despite the fact that it was vacation, some people took the opportunity to work even harder.  One of those individuals was TIM MESKILL.  Showing a budding dominance in the center of our fence on defense, and a good awareness of where he should be on offense, made this week's choice and easy one!  Despite having a broken nose, Tim hasn't missed a practice!

4/14 - We saw some really good things this week, but everyone was particularly impressed with RYNE GERVAIS!  He is always to practice early, works consistently hard in practice, knows where he is supposed to be and when; and that all came together for him when he played extremely well in the varsity game against Amity.  Ryne dominated the middle of the fence in Bobby's absence, and made some key defensive plays.  He is going to be an asset to our program.

4/7 - A lot of people have been working really hard out on the field, in the pool, and on the pavement this week.  However, one person really rose above the rest as he made it to all the practices, including the optional morning run, as well as demonstrated that he knows what he's doing and where he's supposed to be out on the field.  This week's Player of the Week is MARK ADAMIAK!

3/31 - We finally got to get out onto the field and see who knew their stuff; who had been studying their playbook; and who was determined to be a varsity player this week!  LISA CHAMBERLAND was all of those.  Executing some of the best cuts out on the entire team, she has earned herself Player of the Week!

3/24 - After the first week of intense training, few could walk straight.  However, despite the pain and suffering most were enduring a few still managed to excel and maintain focus.  JON ALDIERI was among those to impress the team this week and he is our first Player of the Week this season!

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