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Censorship: Schenk v. United States
The Changing 20s: Roaring or Boring
FDR on Trial: The Cost of Success!
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Ultimate Frisbee:

Check out the season schedule in calendar mode

Looking for the official rules and latest postings of the Ultimate Players' Association (UPA)?  They are the national Ultimate Frisbee organization.  Go to www.usaultimate.org

Want to check out our team rank?  See the constantly updating score reporting tool at http://scores.usaultimate.org/scores/#youth-open/rankings

See our team roster at http://scores.usaultimate.org/scores/#youth-open/team/3553

Looking for some a pick up game or a summer team?  Check out the CT Ultimate site at www.ctultimate.com

Looking for some tips on how to improve your game?  Check out these instruction video clips created by some of the best Ultimate players in the game.


ELITE SWIMMING - A swim clinic open to any swimmer in CT that focuses on perfecting technique and individualized training.  Great way to prepare for your upcoming season!  Print out the application soon, we only accept 20 athletes per session to ensure personalized attention.

Check out the Boys' Swim team homepage at

Trying to find a team to swim with in the off season?  Check out the USS teams in our local area at www.ctswim.org